EZ Cab
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Our EZ Cab Lapidary Machines

Our lapidary cabbing machines are made with stainless steel.  The cabbing machines feature an arm rest, space between wheels, all diamond wheels.  The cabbing wheels include each of the following: 80-grit hard, 220-grit hard, 280-grit soft, 600-grit soft, 1200-grit soft, and a leather end polisher. The lapidary cabbing machines have a large clean out in front and extra space beneath wheels. The wheels are changeable with a universal base unit for 6 or 8 inch wheels. The machines are designed to run at two speeds with the switch located at the front for easy access.  The 3/4 horse motor is pulley driven and water resistant motor.  The overall size is 32'' x 25'' x 12'' placed on wood base. 

We guarantee all the parts and hard wheels for one year except.  Due to the nature of the soft wheels we cannot guarantee them however to prolong life and avoid damage to the soft wheels we recommend avoiding heavy pressure.  We recommend a dime size contact to eraser tip size contact when grinding any stone.         

Please call us or email us with additional questions.          

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